What is Connected TV & Over-the-top TV?

Connected TV (CTV) or Over-the-top (OTT) refers to a television connected to the internet. Instead of watching TV through the traditional cable box, CTV and OTT stream via devices like Amazon Cube or stick and Roku, Apple TV’s, Smart TV’s, and gaming consoles like X-Boxes and PlayStations.
CTV and OTT already have incredible market penetration. And most over, the entry price for TV Advertising is a fraction compared to traditional TV commercials.

What is Programatic TV Advertising?

Programmatic TV Advertising is a digital advertising service that plays your full screen resolution Video AD on the TV or Media App via any streaming service. All delivered with comprehensive reporting. Programmatic TV Advertising is he most advanced video advertising the marketers are chatting about.

“Programmatic offers the ability to put advertising that people will actually care about in front of them, and to do that in a way that is repeatable and scalable,”  

says Julian Zilberbrand, EVP of Advanced Media at Viacom.


Hypertargeted, customizable audiences. Communicate with the right viewers by creating segments that meet your geographic, demographic, interests & spending habits and programming criteria.

Highly Efficient

Highly efficient and affordable. Non-skippable content. Pay only for consumers in your targeted audience! Measurable reach, engagement, and conversion. Significantly less competitive than traditional TV - for now!

Extreme Reach

•    Over 150 Video publishers
•    150 + Data Partners
•    550+ Channels line up
Video Ads play on streaming devices + any smartphone, tablet, or devices with internet.

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