Do Not Mail Registry

We understand that getting an unsolicited mail or phone call is a choice and everybody may make.  

In the perfect world, we will have a system to send us only the mail we want or need! But sadly we are still far from the perfect world and not as easy as it sounds to just stop all unwanted mail. If this was possible the marketers will be the first to do so and spend their marketing budget only on those who actually will respond to their offers.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of ways to limit unwanted clutter in your mailbox. To do so, you have to get your name out of as much as possible of the thousands of marketing lists. 

As responsible marketers, we at US Presort are committed to the privacy choices of all potential recipients of advertising materials mailed out on behalf of our business clients.

To register with our “Do Not Mail List” simply fill out the form below and you will be included in our permanent suppression list. We promise you will be excluded from any future prospect lists we process, however in order to be excluded from more marketing lists, go to and opt-out from as much as possible lists.

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For questions and support, please email to:
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