What is IP Targeting?

IP Targeting is the process of showing internet advertising, to specific households based on their IP (Internet Protocol) address. IP Targeting works the same as Direct Mail. The difference is that your potential customers will receive your marketing message on their computers, tablets or mobile devices instead of the physical mailbox.
The process is simple and absolutely carefree. We take your mailing list with postal addresses and match them to their correspondent Internet Addresses (IP). Our matching rate is among the highest in the industry - 85%+.
Then we show your Online Advertisement (Banner Ads) to the all devices, desktop or mobile, connected to those IP addresses at the same time as your direct mail piece is scheduled to be delivered by the Post Office.
IP Targeting uses cookie-free technology which means you can target precisely your audience with zero invasion of their privacy while reaching 100% humans which lowers the waste of your marketing budget down to $0.
IP Targeting campaigns can be executed together with Direct Mail campaigns or as a standalone campaign.


or Better Targeting
Show your online Ad ONLY to those people on your direct mail list. IP Targeting is true data-driven Online Direct Mail.


or Better Delivery
• IP Addresses cannot be blocked or deleted. • No prior website visit required. • No previous user action needed. • Unlike cookies, does not invade personal privacy.

No Waste

or Better Response
Target 100% humans. IP Targeting eliminates the possibility of reaching computer robots, which represents over 55% of the internet traffic.


or Better Mobile reach
The cookie-free technology makes mobile devices more accessible. Our tests showed that 63% of the views came from mobile devices.

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