Direct Mail Services

We can handle any type, size and volume of mail with a quick turnaround. We prepare the trays with destination labels and deliver the mail to the nearest postal destination sectional facility.
  • Inkjet Addressing. All of our equipment is up-to-date with the latest technology so your projects receive maximum postal discounts. We utilize intelligent and full service intelligent mail barcode for delivery accuracy and tracking. Our equipment can handle letters, postcards, flats, catalogs, books, and more.
  • Laser Addressing. Available when necessary
  • Matrix Addressing. Used to print addressing labels when needed for mailing pieces or just send out for customer use. We use one-up fanfold labels in two standard sizes. Color labels available.
  • Tabbing. Tabbing or wafer seals can save postage costs by allowing you to take advantage of Shape-Based pricing postal discounts.
  • Label Affixing. We can affix any type of labels. Besides for addresses and postage indicia, labels can deliver messages, special, coupons, etc  on a variety of media.
  • Live Stamps. We can affix precanceled stamps for first, standard or non-profit rates, The “Live” stamp as we call it appears more personal which results in much higher open rate for your piece.
  • Inserting. We provide letter and flat size inserting services. Include up to 6 machinable inserts into your envelopes. For specialty projects that are unable to run on our equipment, we also provide hand inserting. Intelligent Inserting: match a personalized insert to the name and address on an envelope.
  • Glue Dots. Glue Dots come in four levels of "tackiness" to meet your particular application. There are virtually thousands of uses for Glue Dots, anything you need to temporarily stick can be stuck with Glue Dots!  
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