Contrary to popular opinion, the use of direct mail is still highly effective in today's digital marketing era. Direct mail provides a valuable opportunity for small business owners to reach out to prospective clients, as it remains one of the most trusted forms of communication. Direct mail marketing is also very cost-effective and is a great marketing tool that can help you reach a new set of customers that may not respond to a digital marketing strategy.

Direct Mail Statistics

According to recent studies, 54 percent of consumers prefer to receive promotions through the mail, which is slightly higher than the 49 percent that prefers subscription-based emails. Direct mail isn't solely limited to attaining new clients. It's also very useful in reaching other businesses, as 66 percent of business executives would respond to a direct piece.

Here are just a few more benefits of incorporating a direct mail marketing campaign.

Increase Trust

Marketing directors are always looking for new ways to build trust, and direct mail is still one of the most trustworthy forms of communication across all generations. Building trust with potential clients will not only improve sales but can establish your business as a leading authority in the industry. Becoming a leading voice in your area of expertise can set you apart from other competitors and give you a significant advantage in reaching new clients.

Measurable Results

Another benefit of direct mail marketing is that the results are easy to track with today's technology, as we mentioned in our previous article. The Intelligent Mail Barcode implemented by the USPS makes it easier than ever to track mail, and it can help you measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. These measurable results offer a significant advantage over using a mass email marketing strategy that may automatically be sent to the spam folder.

Larger Audience

The vast majority of marketing emails never reach the intended recipient, which makes it much more difficult to gain new clients. However, according to recent research, 75 percent of consumers read or scan their mail on a daily basis, which provides an invaluable opportunity to expand your consumer base and reach an entirely new audience. Nearly 80 percent of marketers believe that direct mail is effective and it is well worth the investment.

Small business owners that take the extra time to create a direct mail marketing campaign can reach a wide variety of customers and significantly expand their target audience. Combining a direct mail campaign with a digital marketing strategy can help your business experience the best of both worlds and reach a maximum amount of potential clients.

66% of B2B executives would respond to a direct mail piece
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