So many companies and organizations these days concentrate their marketing efforts on digital channels to reach out to existing customers and new prospects that they completely forgot about the power of the old, well-written marketing or sales letter.

“Not using a letter in your mailing package” is the # 3 in the list of “The 12 most common direct mail mistakes”  developed by Robert W. Bly.

There’s still a lot of strength and magic in using direct mail personalized letters to reach out to individuals, companies or contributors.

There is nothing more powerful and efficient than a highly personalized conventional letter in an inspiring envelope. The possibilities for your creativity are endless.

An excellent response rate and return on investment though require a well-planned and managed direct marketing campaign. US Presort team is an expert in design and execution of such campaigns.

Building the well-thought targeted mailing list, creating just the right offer, listing the benefits and generating an irresistible “call-to-action” are the essentials to convert a simple letter into a selling machine.

From the envelope and stamp to the tone of the letter and the unique proposal, here are eight (nine) tips that will lead to the results any company or organization wish for.


Write your letter like a HUMAN! Don't be clever, use language that you would use in a casual conversation. Eliminate the technical or corporate language.


PERSONalize, Personalize and again Personalize! Address your recipient not only by name but by any other detail you know that will speak directly to them. With the technologies available these days and variable printing, you can modify your letter for each receiver to the every single comma used.


List BENEFITS not Features. Use phrases and words that speak action. Know your target audience. Be friendly, ask “Have you had the same problem I’ve had” or “Would you welcome having a complimentary one-on-one consultation”, or  “Have you ever wished ....”


Use live STAMPS when proper! Live stamps are the oldest trick to avoid the "junk mail" feel straight out of the mailbox. On average, the response rate respectively the return on investment is two times higher when stamps are used vs permit imprint.


TEST, Track! Do it gradually, so you can record and act on the results efficiently. Test different envelopes, sizes, test the length of the copy, test not only your offer but the phrase on the envelope. The test is the solution to constant successful direct marketing campaigns.


The OFFER is the heart of the letter anatomy. The offer has to be vital, relevant and hard to resist. Use the magical words: free; new; no obligations; you will love. And don't forget to limit the time of your offer! Use phrases like: time sensitive; limited time only; this is your last chance.


State GUARANTEE. Reassure your recipients that you stand by your offer! Let them know that there is no risk associated with replying to your proposal.


RESPONSE and follow up. Make it simple, easy, and fast for the recipient to respond! Provide more than one way for action: list toll-free number if you mail nationally; enclose return envelope for the reply; or provide online or another digital medium for the answer, especially if you target a younger audience. Explain in details how easy is to place an order or visit your website or store.


SIGNATURE!!! The letter has to be signed! Use the most authoritative person in the company and have their name and signature at the end of the message.


Use P.S. resourcefully. P.S. is one of the most read parts of a letter, but don't confuse it with the first read part. Don't wait for the P.S. to show your valuable proposition but instead, use it to strengthen your offer, to remind about the limited time special, or repeat your call-to-action phrase.


Last but not least - dress your letter in a CREATIVE and compelling attire. Here is where the help of a professional is a must!


If you want direct mail letter campaign that creates results, contact US Presort's marketing team for a free one-on-one phone consultation. Check our complete list of products that can be integrated into your marketing mix.

Write your #DirectMail letter like a HUMAN!
Milena Marguenski
Milena is the owner and CEO of US Presort.
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