What is Data Enrichment?

Data enrichment is the process of any improving of your contact data. Whether you are missing your client's last name, or full address, or email, Data enrichment or a.k.a. Data append is the process to find and add those missing attributes to your existing data contact list. With all available attributes in place, you will have the possibility for a better understanding of your customer’s habits and concentrate your marketing efforts where the anticipated conversion will be maximized.

With a robust and complete data, you will have broader possibilities to choose the patterns through which you would like to track your marketing campaigns.

90% of marketers believe that the majority sales decisions will be directly correlated to the customer’s data by 2020.

Tip! Be careful, to not use too many tracking points, as this will create inaccurate and possibly misleading data patterns.

There are many ways to market and brand a company, product, or services in the 21st century as well as direct marketing advantages and disadvantages, but one of the ways that’s increasing at an incredible pace is through digital media and other online means. Even though the average direct mail response rates tend to beat out digital marketing rates with a 3.7% response rate, crossmedia marketing trends are becoming the new norm.

One of the ways to track your digital marketing efforts is through data patterns. Studying data patterns through data enrichment will help you understand why your search engine rankings may be improving or not, why conversions are not being made, and other valuable pieces of insight.

While direct mail is one of the primary functions of US Presort, we’re smart enough to realize it's not the only thing your business needs to engage in. In fact, approximately 44% of marketers that responded to a recent survey said they use three or more channels for their marketing efforts.

Although direct mail is slightly more cost-effective than other means - offering a cost-per-acquisition of about $19 compared to paid search’s cost-per-acquisition of up to $30 - one of the best things about digital marketing is that it’s conducive to data patterns. With tools like Google Analytics and Adwords, tracking the progress of online campaigns has never been easier, more accurate, or more efficient.

There are many different parts of a successful digital marketing campaign. For instance, consistent content creation has been found to be an effective way to achieve target keyword ranks and is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. Unlike in years past, it’s no longer enough to jam a bunch of relevant keywords into a piece of content. It needs to be high quality, engaging, and informative to reap the most benefits.

Social media is another new and burgeoning area of online marketing. Estimates suggest social media currently provides a return on investment (ROI) nearly identical to direct mail marketing (15 to 17%), but this could swing one way or the other at a moment’s notice depending on societal trends. Just another reason tracking marketing with data patterns is as important as the data enrichment process.

You need to stay up to date when it comes to marketing strategies for your business to achieve its fullest potential. Contact our team of professionals today for help doing just that.

44% of Marketers said they use three or more channels for their #Marketing Efforts
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