The Internet had become the 1st point of contact for your customers and prospects.

65% of consumers report that their opinion on a brand changed after they checked them online and 96% were influenced by an online experience when they made a purchasing decision.

To succeed in today’s marketing space, you need to implement a single strategy with multi-channel engagement!

71% of marketers believe in the above statement, yet only 29% are utilizing it!

Direct Mail is still one of the most trusted, least invasive and most cost-efficient marketing channels for reaching out to new prospects.

Direct Mail maintains 80+ open rate, unreachable for any digital channel.

The tremendous global growth of digital printing, expected to reach $980 Billion by 2018 confirms the above statement.

What are we missing then?

Direct Mail is the logical bond between traditional and digital marketing world!

Cross-media, multi-channel, omnichannel, X-Media, integrated marketing ... probably you've heard at least one of these phrases and not only once. Yes, the multi-channel, integrated marketing is the future. Regardless of all the statistics and articles, you will read, each author, depending on who the material was written for, will tell you how their channel is the Best. But there is no such thing as “The Best”; the truth is that each channel has its pros and cons, and the only way to succeed is to marry as much as possible channels together!

The percentage of marketers using the multi-channel marketing approach increased from 44% to 52% for the last two years.

There are numerous reasons why marketers do not implement the integrated marketing: time, resources, tools, understanding, etc., but if summarized, 80% would be the lack of single source for executing of such campaign. There are few direct mail companies to provide integrated services while the digital agencies barely offer direct mail.

It is essential to find a multi-channel marketing specialist if you want to move your marketing efforts in the direction of success.

How to transform Direct Mail into Innovative Tech-Friendly Tool? Mobile integration makes Direct Mail dynamic and engaging: Coupon links, QR codes, PURLs (Personalized URLs), Landing pages SMS, and more.

Tip: With only 25% increase of your marketing budget you can Double your response rate!

Why are marketers afraid to use Direct Mail with Digital Channels?

There two significant misconceptions about Direct Mail:

1. Direct Mail is not measurable and challenging to track

The Reality - with today's tools and means, tracking and analyzing the outcome of a direct mail campaign cannot be easier. After the USPS® implemented the Intelligent Mail Barcode, marketers can literally follow every single piece from the entry point at the Postal DSCF unit to the prospect's door.

2. Direct Mail is too expensive.

The Reality - according to the DMA's response rate report (fees apply) the CPA or cost-per-acquisition for direct mail is in the bottom line comparing to the other marketing channels. Find details about Direct Mail Remarkable Results 2016. 

For every $10 spent on direct mail marketers sell $ 125.45 in goods.

The times when people would pick up the phone or walk to a store after receiving a mailpiece are long gone!

• 90% of the people who expressed an interested in your product or service will check your company's website before they take any action.

• 96% of website visitors, according to Google, will leave without taking any action.

• On average person takes action after the 5th or 6th viewing of the same offer. 80% of the time actual sales are made between 8th and 12th contact.

• 42% of direct mail recipients prefer to respond online.

• 95% of prospects are going to "check you out" online before they take any further action, regardless of whether you are targeting businesses or consumers.

• 90% of consumers use multiple screens sequentially

• 51% of internet users are on Facebook.

• No surprise why 94% of Social Marketers place Facebook on 1st place as their social media marketing choice

(Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2017)


Integrated, multi-channel, omnichannel, cross-media MARKETING

Go to our Interactive Infographic to see Integrated Marketing and Channels explained.

#DirectMail is the logical bond between traditional & digital marketing!
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