The most common question I have been asked since I entered the direct mail space 15 years ago is “What are the response rates, what should I expect…”? Since there is no exact answer and there is no precise formula, there are certain statistics and researches that we can rely on to get a decent projection.

The latest DMA Response Rates report (the previous report is from 2012) shows exciting news for Direct Mail as a marketing channel. Not only the numbers are rising, but the overall response rates for direct mail outperform all digital channels combined by over 600%! These influencing results together with the fact that 82% of participants stated they will use at least the same amount of direct mail, or even more in 2016, in their marketing efforts demonstrate one more time to skeptics that Direct mail is more than alive and getting stronger.

The 2015 DMA Response Rate Report is available from the Direct Marketing Association online bookstore.

One of the essential benefits of direct mail is that is easily measurable, and our calculator makes it even simpler to determine your projected sales, profit and return on investment (ROI).

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