Every business needs NEW customers constantly! I have been asked many times, “where or how to start.” Well, the answer is simple: with the mailing list!

Direct mailing list is one of the most vital elements and in many cases THE MOST vital element for the success of your direct mail campaign.

Do you know who is your BEST customer?

If you answered “The existing customer,” you are absolutely right!

Here are the four simple steps to follow when building a direct mailing list for your next marketing campaign

Create A Mailing List
4 Steps to Follow When Building a Targeted Mailing List

1. Go through your “HOUSE” list. These are the people and organizations which already made a purchase from you and are your best indicators for how your prospective customers look.

You probably have a system to collect and store all information related to each client but the data is incomplete or with mistakes as 92% of the companies state in the Experian Data Quality benchmark report.

If you scroll thoroughly through your data, you will find missing address elements, funny street abbreviations, missing emails or phone numbers. All of the above can be fixed, with one click, go to datapro.co - a complete data solution online service.

2. Select your BESTcustomers. Depend on the size of your organization this number will vary but to create a useful “best customer” profile you will need to aim for at least thousand records. Cross reference your selection by geography, demographic, company size and type - in other words, examine any parameter which relates to your business.

3. ANALYZE your findings and you will be surprised how much valuable information you had in your possession. Use It!

4. BUILD. Once your “house” list and “best” customer segment are perfected, you are ready to build your list of prospective clients.

Targeted direct mailing lists generate the best response rate and create future loyal customers. At this point, you probably realized how the picture become more and more apparent. The rest is only technical operations.

Basic Direct Mailing List Types

Consumer Database: choose the geography and use all the factors highlighted in your “best” customer list: age, income range, gender, the presence of children, and any other relevant factor. The basic selections are available with our DIY mailing list build and order online system (due to launch by May 1st, 2016). For more thorough and advanced selections (lifestyle, purchase behavior, etc.) or profile modeling contact our mailing list specialist.

Business Database: identify the industry and the size of the businesses you will target, depending on your goals and tasks for the particular direct mail project. Remember that “marketing campaigns” are like fashion - even the most beautiful dress if worn by the wrong person (whether by age, shape or social status) will turn into a disaster. Same here, not all direct marketing campaigns are created the same! Consider adding the phone numbers to the list. Telemarketing is an essential element of any well-thought campaign.

Specialty Database: the list is endless! That’s why besides a few like new movers or new homeowner, you are not going to find DIY systems. There is a lot involved in building and developing such lists, so the best approach would be to contact a professional who has the knowledge and experience to create the list for you.

Tips to Select a Reputable Mailing List Company

To summarize the above, I want to say that regardless what type or size direct marketing list you intend to rent / purchase; it is critical to use legitimate and reputable mailing list compiler. To check on the source reliability make sure they can answer clearly the following four questions.

1. What is the deliverability rate? The deliverability rate of our databases varies between 92-97%.

2. How often is the database updated? Most of our databases are updated bi-weekly.

3. Is the marketing lists provided, especially if includes phone numbers, honor the National do-not-call registry and the USPS® regulations? Each of our ordered files is processed through the NCOALink® system at the time of ordering.

4. What are the terms of use? Our Terms of use are clear and easy to understand and follow.

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Direct #MailingList is THE MOST vital element for the success of your #DirectMail campaign.
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