What is Informed Delivery®?

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Informed Delivery® is a relatively new and innovative program of United States Postal Service® that allows residential users to see a digital preview of their upcoming mail. Registered users receive an early morning email with greyscale images of the back side or the mailpieces scheduled for delivery that day. Images are obtained from the Intelligent Mail Barcode scan processing. The user can also see the upcoming mail images through the web dashboard or the mobile app. Details about how the Informed Delivery® works and how to signup for the service we discussed in one of our earlier posts “How to Boost Your Direct Mail Results for Free,” alternatively, you can visit the USPS® site. The mobile applications are available from Apple Store (iPhone version) and Google Play (for Android Smartphones)

This new “invention” came out just in time to shut the ongoing myths that the traditional marketing and more specifically Direct Mail are dead.

Informed Delivery User Data Tool

What the Informed Delivery® means for the direct mailers and how it's going to improve their marketing efforts and results?

The answer is: through the unique program USPS® created for mailers - Interactive Informed Delivery® Campaign. The best part is that for now, USPS® offers the program, which started in mid-2017, absolutely free. There will be only a small setup fee for the creation, execution, and tracking of the results. The Interactive Informed Delivery® Campaign is giving the consumers a new engaging touch with the help of digitally intensified elements while augmenting the marketer “call to action” message.

If you are using the Intelligent Mail Barcode, whether you are utilizing or not the Informed Delivery® Campaigns, you are getting a second impression of your direct mail - first with the physical mailpiece and second with the digital delivery by email. In most of the cases, the marketers will benefit even more with further impressions since some of the registered households have more than one user.

Why should you take advantage of the Informed Delivery® Campaign?

We will let the pictures speak first. There is no way to miss or not see the enormous difference between the two email messages:

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The Straight Forward Benefits of the Interactive Informed Delivery® Campaign

1. Very low CPI (Cost per impression). Let 's say you are mailing 100,000 pieces, the close to 5% already registered users will give you 5,000 additional impressions virtually free of charge.

2. An exceptional Open Rate. 72% of the USPS® Informed Delivery® emails got opened! No other channel can produce such an impressive number.

3. You are entering the world of the cross-media or multi-channel marketing, a standard in the modern marketing, cost efficiently.

4. Generate additional revenue - the ride along, clickable image creates an instant magnet. TIP: Don't forget to employ a designated landing page which will match your offer to increase the impact.

5. Improve deliverability - your customers will have access to the digital version of your proposal even if for some reason they've missed the physical mailpiece, or they are away.

6. Maximize impact - with more than one users per registered account the chances that more members of the same household will see and get access to your digital offer which will increase your campaign result remarkably.

How Can The Right Mailing Services Provider Help?

1. Easy implementation - your direct mail company already have all essential elements. If you don't have a landing page, US Presort will create and set up one for you.

2. Measurable results - we have the tools not only to develop but to track the results of your Informed Delivery® Campaign.

3. Estimate the potential email reach.

The number of currently registered users is about 8.5 million and growing steadily with about 100,000 new sign-ups per week. The USPS® goal is to reach 20 million users by the end of this year (2018). You can download the current number with “Users and Household Data” from the USPS® site or use our simple tool to check how many registered households and email users you can reach if you apply the Interactive Informed Delivery® Campaign in your next Direct Mail.

November 2020 Update: current number of registered users is almost 32.5 million, of which 27 million with enabled email delivery! Check how your potential reach with our Informed Delivery® User Data Tool.

Informed Delivery User Data Tool
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So, why not ask your direct mail provider if they can create an Informed Delivery® Campaign for you. If a mailing service provider does not offer an Integrated Informed Delivery® Campaigns, move on to the next one.

If you have questions or want to give it a try, please email us at uspsid@uspresort.com.

Add more impressions to your Direct Mail Campaign for Free with the USPS® Interactive Informed Delivery®.
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