Caterpillars eat one or more fresh milkweed leaf a day to store food which will be used when they get to the adult stage. Although they’re heavy eaters, some die due to bad food, weather, and predators, while others survive when nurtured indoors.

Like adult butterflies, Direct Mail Marketing leads flourish when conditions are right - know who your right customers are, send them the relevant information and set a timely follow up.

At some point, some may decline while others may need further nurturing. It will take constant effort and persistence to get a lead to convert but as they say, it's always worth the wait.

So remember the golden rule:

Send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Follow this and you'll be surprise when those unready leads turn out to be your next customers.

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Vivien Reyes
Vivien Reyes
Vivien is a guest blogger from Callbox, Inc.
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