Despite the ridiculous rumors that Millennials don‘t respond to traditional marketing channels, the truth of the matter is that Millennials actually put their smartphones down and go through the content of their mailboxes.

Millennials becoming the principal drive in today’s economy, made businesses reevaluate the way they communicate and reach out to this demographic. Young adults ages 18 to 34 in the U.S. connect with brands in a very different and more engaging way than any other older age groups. It is expected to believe Millennials who were raised on the Internet will be responsive only to a digital medium. However, a lot of studies show that Millennials are actually equally susceptible to all marketing channels, including Direct Mail.

The human response to the same creative message in physical and digital format, studied in a neuromarketing research by Canada Post, shows that people of ANY AGE assimilate, remember and react much better to a print advertising over the digital. The results of the research show that Direct Mail Campaign requires 21% less effort to process and the participants recall 70% more of the Direct Mail Advertising than the respective Digital Ad. Another interesting founding is that Direct Mail activates the part of the brain that corresponds to motivation which leads to 20% higher response for Direct Mail Advertising. 

In the Infographics below we will show you in a little clearer and more engaging way why the Millennials are not even a bit less interested in Direct Mail than Baby Boomers or Gen-Xs. We also added helpful Dos and Don’ts when creating Direct Mail Campaign targeting Millennials.

Millennials actually like and read #directmail
Milena Marguenski
Milena is the owner and CEO of US Presort.
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