Print Marketing - What Was Once Traditional is Now “Different.”

Recently, a prospective client said they wanted to get customers’ attention through non-traditional marketing; they wanted something distinct. I don’t think anybody expected the printed word to be labeled “different?” in 2016. Non-traditional? We’re telling this about a medium that was revealed back in the 1400’s by Johannes Gutenberg! While dictionary minds might be little blown by this implication, when you think about it, it makes so much sense.

For the past twenty years, the digital world has been quickly replacing a lot of our traditional means of doing things, from watching television, reading the newspaper, to yes…print marketing and direct mail. With the information made broadly accessible,  the internet converted more and more people to the digital consumption of the information. The modern internet algorithms and the presence of the social media made it possible to target our interests and flood us with commercials focused at those interests, till we’ve become resistant to the secondary “noise” that envelops the column we are browsing online. Blogs and online media filled with ads are now considered standard.

Getting Awareness With Quality Print Marketing Materials

A well-created and executed print marketing piece can completely break through the mess and seize your clients’ attention. There are many forms of print marketing, including:

• Business Cards: The variations of sizes, shapes and formats are endless. This small printed piece, often ignored, is the very first connection you usually make with a prospective business partner or client

• Invitations: Make people feel special by sending them an original and artistic invitation for your next special event or grand opening.

• Postcards: Probably the most popular and widely used print medium for direct mail, coupon distribution, appointment reminders, business announcement and so much more.

• Menus of Services or Products are a must for any respectful business. Today's high-quality print and paper stocks and the possibilities of the digital print for small quantities and variables make it accessible even for the littlest local shop.

Push Your Clients Regularly to Keep You in Their Minds

Marketing can’t end after the sale is made. Customer preservation is a vital part of a strong marketing plan. Following up with the consumer can build recognition and strengthen loyalty. And if you decide to do so by simply sending an email, make sure that your messages will not just die in their inbox folders. Instead think of sending out a few mailings to keep them interested, such as:

• Thank You Cards:  A time-limited discount on their next purchase printed together with your “Thank You” will make your customers feel unique and appreciated.

• Referral and Seasonal Postcards: Encourage your clients by sending them a bonus and referral cards and offer discounts to both existing and prospective customers.  Promote relevant seasonal products by providing exclusive and loyalty discounts or programs.

• Stickers: Start creating brand awareness, print your logo, or slogan on a sticker which can be placed in numerous areas such as computers, personal items, water bottles, cars and so much more.

Dig even deeper into the branding space by printing a newsletter or placing an ad in a well-known magazine in your industry.

Even though there are countless of publications and hours spent daily online, 80% of people prefer to read printed materials. Any printed material is more trustworthy than its digital version; this is valid for both informational and advertisement reading. It is worth thinking of periodical, size and frequency would defer depending on your industry, that will entertain and at the same time will keep your customers engaged.

Saying people a great story or providing them valuable and exciting information will make them loyal customers and retain them for a much longer period.

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