While internet marketing has taken the marketing space by storm, traditional channels, such as direct mail, still deliver outstanding results, according to the latest DMA Response Rate Report. As such, businesses must adapt to marketing strategies that combine traditional and digital forms of marketing. Making targeted marketing plans also helps to reach audiences in a personal and meaningful way. 

Multi-channel marketing that incorporates direct mail and digital channels can lead to improved marketing efforts and results.

Direct Mail

In recent years, digital innovations have transformed direct marketing. The medium that was once just a printed piece has evolved and is using advanced technology and digital intelligence. Today, direct mail is a current and powerful hyper-targeted marketing tool that involves mail tracking, informed delivery campaigns, and QR codes. These features allow you to trail the movements of your direct mail and send notifications to consumers so they can digitally preview the mailing pieces that will be arriving soon. Direct mail in the modern world also lets you track user data using QR codes, a factor that makes your campaign more effective. With these features, you will also enjoy incentives such as postage discounts.

The traditional form of direct mail is outdated. However, incorporating technology makes this medium one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to grab the attention of new and existing clients. When you use direct mail in this way, you will know who is getting your message, how many people you reach, when the message is delivered, and be in a position to control who receives the message. Last but not least, Direct Mail is still one of the least invasive and most trusted marketing channels, making it a preferred medium across different industries.

Digital Channels

Digital marketing presents fantastic channels for reaching a more general online audience. In particular, using videos in display ads, social media, and connected TV helps you stand out and attract attention, ensuring that more people get to see your message. However, just like with other marketing channels, it is essential to make sure that your video ads reach your target audience. Using video ads, together with direct mail, will increase the effectiveness of your campaign. Today, businesses can use Geofencing and IP targeting to ensure that the same customers receive their marketing message not only via mail but also on their computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Video ads through desktop, mobile, and internet TV are a great way to market digitally. Videos not only convey vast amounts of information in a short time but also tell your story better than other formats. Video ads work on mobile devices, social networks, websites, and connected TVs, offering the benefits of cross-channel marketing.

The Missing Link

Every excellent marketing strategy uses multiple channels to achieve set goals, making it the future of marketing. Today, the internet is the first point of contact for your customers and prospects. On the other hand, direct mail is a cost-effective way of reaching out to the ideal customer. For a more impactful marketing campaign, you will need to understand the benefits and challenges associated with each of the two options.

With traditional direct mail marketing, the format of your marketing message is limited to text and images. This is why you need the correct mailpiece to help drive prospects to your website, online appointment, or shopping site. When it comes to digital channels, more and more businesses are building an online presence, meaning you have to stand out from the crowd if you are to get ahead of the competition. By combining direct mail with digital channels, you will have a powerful and targeted medium to help you reach potential clients to your digital door.

Cross-media marketing allows you to combine these channels so you can compensate for one’s weaknesses by using the strengths of the other. Digital channels will allow you to use video format, which can help to increase response from customers, while direct mail will enable you to target the right customers. Targeted marketing and increased engagement will ultimately help you maximize the impact of your campaign.

Benefits of Combining Direct Mail with Digital Channels

When it comes to marketing, you do not have to choose between direct mail and digital channels. You can adopt a multi-channel marketing strategy that combines the two and lets you enjoy the advantages that each of them offers. Using both enables you to reach a broader and more diverse audience. Here are other benefits of multi-channel marketing:

Increased exposure

Combining direct mail and digital channels will increase your exposure and allow you to reach more customers. In case there are several users per registered account, more people in the household will get to see your digital offers, effectively increasing your response rates and sales. Using the two tactics simultaneously also provides you with additional metrics about your customers and prospects. Maximize the strengths and minimize weaknesses of both by using them together strategically. Each of the channels will make up for the gaps left by the other. You will be able to get the best of both worlds in terms of reach, effectiveness, marketing techniques, and tracking results. This way, your marketing campaign will be more powerful, and you will stand a better chance of achieving your goals.

Increased Engagement

Digital marketing creates two-way communication between you and your customers. On the other hand, direct mail recipients have to deal with the mailpiece and make a decision. Whether the recipients choose to take the desired action or not, combining these techniques ensures targeted marketing that drives engagement with customers on a personal level.

Stronger Relationships with Customers

Today, you have to build and maintain strong relationships with customers to win new and repeat business. By ensuring that direct mail and digital marketing work in unison, you will have a targeted marketing strategy that delivers a message that resonates with your audience. Keeping the visuals and message consistent will also help to increase brand awareness and build stronger relationships with customers.

Better Results

Combining direct mail and digital marketing will usher you into the world of multi-channel marketing. Customers are more likely to notice and develop trust in your brand when they hear about it from multiple sources. Combining these two complementary techniques will make for a great way to run a successful marketing campaign.

Our Unique Retargeted Direct Mail Program

Our Direct Mail Digital Programs are designed to help you take advantage of the opportunities that both direct mail and digital channels offer. The programs ensure that the right customers get to see your marketing message several times and from different sources.

We will create a direct mail piece for you as well as produce coordinating ads that include video ads, mobile ads, and display. We then capitalize on the target marketing associated with direct mail to ensure that these ads are shown to the same group of people who received the direct mail pieces. The next step is to get all these visitors to your site and get the physical addresses of most of them, and then send them another mail piece to maximize the impact of your campaign. In essence, the retargeted direct mail program offers a complete cycle that involves Direct Mail with USPS Email - Video Ads on desktop, mobile, or internet TV - Retargeted Direct Mail. The good news is that direct mail retargeting can be used either as a stand-alone product or as part of your overall campaign.

With the saturated markets in which businesses operate today, you will have to find creative ways to attract and retain customers. Our Direct Mail Digital programs ensure a robust communication of your brand across multiple marketing channels that will enable you to achieve your marketing objectives. Contact us today, and let’s discuss how our multi-channel marketing solutions could be the solution for your best marketing efforts.

‍Multi-channel marketing that incorporates direct mail and digital channels can lead to improved marketing efforts and results.
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