Cross Media or Multi Channel Marketing

Cross-media or Multi-channel marketing is a modern approach to promote a business using various types of media. Several mediums are used to create a cohesive marketing campaign. Cross-media marketing is one often ignored by Internet entrepreneurs, according to Web Pro News. Media is selected carefully with the prospect in mind for a given campaign to reach maximum profits. 

The use of cross media marketing enables multiple touches with personalized relevant messages emphasized throughout the multiple medias while increasing the probability that prospect will read the message and respond.

Cross Media / Multi Channel Marketing Tools

Direct Mail

Direct mail is still the most cost effective method for reaching new prospects and the best starting point for a multi channel campaign. The new technologies made possible personalization and more meaningful audience selection. Mail Tracking allows for more precise integration with the other channels.All of the above lead to further customization and  make possible for prospects to be guided deeper into the sales funnel.

IP Targeting - Your Digital Mailman

IP Targeting is the process of showing internet advertising, to specific households based on their IP (Internet Protocol) address. IP Targeting is the latest and one of the most versatile multi channel marketing tools. IP Targeting works the same as Direct Mail. The difference is that your potential customers will receive your marketing message on their computers, tablets or mobile devices instead of the physical mailbox.

IP Targeting
IP Targeting


Email is a key channel of the cross media marketing. Email is a powerful multi channel marketing tool that can be used as the primary contact if an “opt-in” email list is available or together with the direct mail piece; and as a mandatory follow up tool. With the mail tracking possible, email blast can be coordinated to coincide with mail delivery to emphasize the marketing message.

QR Codes

QR or Quick Response Codes are becoming more and more common in marketing today. Printed QR Codes are scanned by a smart phone and the prospect is automatically directed to your mobile-optimized landing page (Personalized, Customized or Generic). Each scan is recorded which allows to easy measure and analyze the campaign results.

PURLs  |  CURLs  |  GURLs   |  Landing Pages

Whether you use PURLs, CURLs or GURLs using combining direct mail with online media to get your message across and measure response is a big step in the right direction. 

A PURL, or a Personalized URL, is a unique website address created for everybody on your marketing list. The same way we personalize our direct mail pieces we can personalize the landing page for a complete unique experience. This lets you identify your prospects by name, tailor their respective message and track their behavior. A PURL printed on a Mail Piece lead recipients to their personalized mini-site to capture valuable information or moves them further through the sales cycle. CURLs - Customizable URLs are similar to the PURLs but instead of generated for each recipient on your list is Customized for a specific group or offer. GURL or Generic URL leads to a dedicated standalone landing page (s) that is designed for a specific marketing campaign. Landing pages live separately from your website and are intended to only receive campaign traffic.  They are focused on a single objective and makes analytics, reporting & testing a simpler task. GURL is not personalized and is the same for any recipient of your campaign list.

Mail Tracking

Through the use the USPS IMB barcode, all mail can be tracked from acceptance to last distribution facility. This is vital multi channel tool. With IMB tracking we can coordinate additional events of the entire campaign.

Call Tracking

Call tracking allows to assign temporary unique phone number, toll free or local, to each different channel of your campaign (direct mail piece, email, landing page or PPC Ad) so later the results could be measured. The data you collect will be priceless in evaluation of your marketing campaign.

Campaign Analysis

The power of  Cross-Media or Multi-Channel marketing is the intelligent coordination of all communication channels with the prospect. Marketing campaign analysis evaluates numerous metrics to increase the quality and effectiveness of your campaign, identifies prospects through contact tracking, and provides  “hot leads” to your sales people.Campaign Analysis will help you answer the questions which always arise whether planning lead generation, loyalty, or sales campaign:

  1. What is a reasonable sales goal for my marketing campaign?
  2. What is the projected Return-on-Investment?
  3. What is my marketing cost per contact?
  4. How many leads will we need to convert one sale ?
landing pages
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