Landing Page

Never. Start. A. Marketing. Campaign. Without. A. Dedicated. Landing. Page.

What is a Landing Page?

Probably the simplest definition for a landing page is: any web page from your site that the visitor “lands” after clicking on a link, whether it is triggered by an ad campaign, simple text link from a blog or even by scanning a QR code printed on a direct mail piece. Yet, when mentioning a landing page in the sense of marketing, we are referring to a standalone web page specifically created and published to serve that particular integrated marketing campaign and often differentiates from your main website.

The dedicated landing page has no navigation connected to your main site. The reason here being is, to restrict the options your visitors have so they can concentrate on the subject of your campaign and lead them to take action toward your conversion goals.

How Does It Work

All details and more information about the Dedicated Landing Pages and PURLs (Personalized URLs) integrated with you direct mail campaign will be found here soon ...

Meanwhile enjoy our little video about Tom and how he uses the PURLs

Personalized URL PURL
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