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Studies show that when someone comes into contact with two channels of communication, be it direct mail and e-mail or radio and TV, the chance of them responding becomes much greater. Learn what thousand of marketers already know - that integrated marketing with direct mail and e-mail works!

Our targeted email mailing lists (business or consumer) are 100% multi-channel, with each record containing email, postal, and demographic data, as well as phone numbers (if available), so you can support sales through other channels. 

Direct Mail + E-Mail = Success

Why Direct Mail + E-Mail Works

The brain is inundated with so many messages, however the ones that are repeated tend to become entrenched in our thoughts. While people learn quickly to ignore an identical message as redundant, using a different media channel to deliver a similar message is a successful way to reinforce the message.

E-Mail with Direct Mail Campaign

When purchasing a consumer list, you can request we send out an e-mail marketing message at the same time. Appended e-mails typically 30%-35% of the prospects on our mailing list.

Affordable and Effective

E-mail marketing is less expensive than direct mail. While we would not recommend using it alone, you can add e-mail to a direct mail campaign for a minimum amount. 

We Offer Various Ways for Email Marketing

Email Marketing with Consumer List Purchase: When generate mailing list for direct mail campaign there are about 30%-35% available e-mails. Get them together to boost your ROI.

Email Marketing with Customer’s List: We can append emails to your existing mailing list.

Email Marketing Alone: We can create and deploy campaign to your existing email list.

Drip Marketing: Monthly subscription program. Contact us for details.

email marketing
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