Data Management

Data maintenance is an activity designed to keep a database running smoothly. Our licenced software  system can guarantee the precise handling of your databases. You can trust our experienced and confident staff with your data files.
  • Address Verification. CASS Certified™. We validate and standardize addresses to the actual delivery point. Includes DPV®, LACSLink®, and SuiteLink®.
  • PAVE™ Gold certified postal PRESORTING for the best postal rates.
  • NCOA Processing (Move update).  We identify movers in your list and update their address information.
  • Managing Multiple Lists. When you need to combine information from multiple data sources or mailing lists it involves more than a simple data reformat. Duplicate records can appear in multiple sources and need to be properly identified and eliminated.
  • Merge-Perge (a.k.a. De-Dupe). Common uses include suppressing a list of current customers from a mail campaign targeting new customers.
  • Duplicates Deletion.  We identify and eliminate duplicate records from your database.
  • CASS, PAVE and NCOA are 24 Hours turnaround service.Just email your list and you will have it back together with all necessary paperwork withing 24 hours.
  • Bar Codes & Numbering. Bar codes are a daily part of business. We offer generating and printing of all current bar codes: QR Code, UPC, Postnet, IM, EAN, ISBN, Codabar, etc. Sequential or static.
  • DataPro Services. In addition we provide data quality services, enrichment services and data management solutions which helps to proactively manage the quality of your data through top-notch validation, matching, suppressing, enrichment and merge purge capabilities. All of the services are available to be combined with additional features like merging two or more lists together, duplication removal, omitting records with certain criteria, etc. Visit for additional information or to place an order.
address verification
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