Data Marketing: Smart Content Delivered To The Right Audience

Mailing Lists Acquisition

Mailing list is THE MOST vital element for the success of your direct mail campaign.
US Presort partners with the industry leaders to provide our customers with reliable and effective leads for very competitive prices.

Data Quality (Management)

Data Quality (maintenance) is an activity designed to keep a database running smoothly. Our licenced software  system can guarantee the precise handling of your databases for any data service needed.

Data Append & Modeling

Improve your marketing database with our Data Enrichment Services (append). Complete missing email, phone number, name or demographic insight. or simply multiply your Best customer through data modeling.

Occupant (Residential) List Count

Please fill out the form below and within 24 hours you will receive detailed count by routes and map.

Consumer List Count (B2C)

targeted mailing list is a powerful tool in helping your business grow. Choose from dozens of search selections.

Business List Count (B2B)

US Presort B2B mailing lists are the most accurate in the industry. The supreme selection will enhance your customer base.

Data Errors or “Bad” Data = Lost Profits!

The heart ans soul of each data marketing is the database a.k.a contact data, a.k.a. mailing list. The incorrect or “bad” data affects not only the response rate of any campaign but it is directly linked to a lost profits and business opportunities.

97% of USA Companies report to have some type of contact data issues and errors. (Experian Data Quality’s 2015 Data Quality Benchmark Report)

Some of the most common mistakes are illustrated in the graph on the right.

Most Common Contact Data Errors

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