Non Profit Organizations

Many non-profit organizations are missing out on the lowest mailing rates because they haven’t obtained a USPS Nonprofit Authorization. Use of a such permit is closely scrutinized by the USPS. We will assist you and walk you through the process of obtaining a Nonprofit Authorization and Mailer ID. Please call us for any guidance or help.

If You Need Help With Your Non-Profit Application

We have Special Reward Program “Give Back” and flexible payment options for established accounts.

Political Direct Mail

US Presort, as a one-stop shop, provides you with the versatility and all resources necessary to create and execute any political campaign. We serve individual candidates, political consultants, as well as PACs.

Regardless of the size and type of the campaign, simple neighborhood board, State Agencies or US Senate elections, US Presort creates, coordinates, designs, prints and executes any political campaign.

We understand the significance of the political campaign and the necessity for 24/7 accessibility to us, so we made us available to you at any time during the entire campaign. You can be confident that any task required will be completed with utmost urgency and accuracy.

We provide an ample variety of extra services crucial for the accomplishment of your political mail:

  • Seed Mail. We send control mailpieces to us as well as yourself or staff.
  • Red Stamp. We also place a red stamp on the USPS forms clearly identifying it as political mail.
  • Political Log maintained at the USPS®. We specifically request your mail be entered on the Political Log.

All Political Campaigns, their content, and information are bound with our non-disclosure and confidentiality guarantee.

political direct mail
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